Cut power to battery with software


Aug 13, 2016
I've recently purchased the Lenovo Y50-70 and I am worried about damaging the battery.On my previous laptop I could just take the battery out and not worry about stressing it while I'm at home, on my desk,connected to the AC.However the Lenovo's battery is not user accessible and I am wondering whether there is software which can "stop" charging the battery while I have the laptop connected to the wall.
The electronics in the PC and in the battery stop charging it when it reaches 100% - if they didn't, you would have a decent-sized fire on your hands.

If you're talking about before 100%, then I can't help you.
First off I have no knowledge of such util, but don't go by me alone.

But some of you folks spend way too much time obsessing about the battery. If you are using it, let it stay plugged in. If you are done with it for the day or are walking away from it for a good few hours and it's fully charged, or nearly fully charged, go ahead yank the cord. That's all I do. My laptop is 4 years old, got 644 cycles, 89% healthy/capacity left. Not my first laptop.