Cutting the cord is getting more expensive at the exact wrong time


Jul 14, 2017
The sharks smell blood and are headed for another feast even if they just finished gorging themselves recently.
After all 'they' are just doing what comes naturally so they have 'no guilt'.

Moose and Squirrel

Mar 12, 2022
I was very excited for streaming in 2020 and 2021, when new releases often came out on the streaming service and in theaters at the same time. Content was rich.

Then 2022 rolled out and gee, the profit margins weren't as fat as they used to be, so content was no longer offered early, and the amount and quality declined, as prices rose.

So...what is old is new again. While I'd used streaming live tv services before, they simply cost too much at $65+. $35-40 was a good price. My antenna is now live again, with a dvr. And most of the rest of what I watch is free youtube, with some free streaming services (Pluto, Tubi, etc) tossed in.

I'm not going to subscribe persistently to services that only put out a months worth of interesting content in a year. I used to subscribe annually when it was $50-75 for a year. Now, I have more to watch for free, much of it commercial free, than I can really manage. I guess I'll get the services for a month once in a while.
Feb 19, 2023
What really irked me. I moved from Xfinity to Fubo because the only service with regional MLB. I watch about 150 of the 163 games. Then playoffs roll around and because Fubo doesn't have contracts with TNT & TBS I had to get Sling for a month. Fubo's whole pitch is sports centric yet no baseball or basketball playoffs. What really sucks is because i got Sling for that month, i don't have any of those games in my Fubo DVR.

That being said, what i do love about it is that they can't pinpoint your region because who knows what server your hitting when you not at home. So i can watch games anywhere, whereas Xfinity i can only watch them in my market.

My parents have Starlink, sometimes it uses a Dallas server and sometimes a Denver server. You can tell by watching one of the major networks. I'll be in Missouri watching mattress commercial from a local Denver store.

What's really interesting is i can also record a Denver game if the server is there. I don't know how this can be fixed so it's a huge plus for sports fans that travel a lot.

EDIT Fubo's RSNs (regional sports networks) just went up $10. I received no notice other than the additional charge, that brings it up to $96.32 for the Elite Package.
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