News Cyberpunk 2077’s latest fixes may be too little, too late


Aug 18, 2021
While it hasn't received the kind of positive attention as its Witcher 3 predecessor, I would say the game is at a comparable state now. If you liked the Witcher 3 and if you are interested in a cyberpunk setting or especially if you liked the original Cyberpunk pen and paper game on which it's based, then Cyberpunk 2077 is a fantastic game that, for the most part, improves on the Witcher 3. It's a very similar game in terms of structure, strengths, and weaknesses. Clearly made by the same highly talented team.

I think the only reason it gets negative press at this point is because it made a bad first impression and people aren't looking past that to what the game is now, which is a GREAT game (not perfect, but still great). It should not have been released when it was. It was clearly not ready at that point, but much has changed since then.

The developers made it clear during that streaming event this week that the game has finally just reached a stability point that they can now begin to roll out the content updates and DLC. So it's not at all surprising that this first DLC is pretty light on new content. I assume (we'll have to see if they live up to their claims) that future updates will have fewer fixes and more new stuff.

My biggest complaints with Cyberpunk 2077 at this point relate to inventory management (this was a weakness in the Witcher 3 too) and the constant in-your-face porn advertising everywhere in the game (I don't mind it per item, just the lack of variety where it sometimes seems like it's the only way anyone sells anything in Night City). Neither of these is a really serious problem, but improving the inventory controls along with added content (including hopefully some HUGE paid DLC expansions) and a New Game Plus are my main hopes for future updates.