Damaged battery?


Aug 9, 2010
hi. i bought a laptop several months ago to game. yesterday i gamed for about 6 hours. (first time i gamed that long on my laptop). afterwards i noticed my battery drains a lot faster when unplugged. Sometimes it goes from like 90% to 75% within like 15 mins and all im doing is browsing the web. I was wondering if the battery got damaged somehow from too much gaming?

Or is the battery meter wrong?

My laptop also has the nvidia optimus technology which switches from the integrated graphics hd 4000 to the discrete gpu based on what task is being performed. mayb that malfunctioned and its staying on the discrete GPU and consuming more power?

any input would be appreciated.

oh yea my laptop is sager 6165.. great laptop by the way

thanks! :)


Sep 14, 2010
well, if you are watching a lot of videos on the Web, then it is probably using the better video card for that, and thus, using more of the battery.

Some laptops come with software to calibrate the battery from within Windows.
Some also, or instead-of, use a utility within the BIOS or boot options to calibrate the battery.