Question Data Recovery Options


Oct 30, 2012
Question: Are there any other programs that even comes to close to being as effective and easy to use as easeUS Data Recovery? Free or Paid - Doesn't Matter

Basically, easeUS data recovery has found file name AND path of both of my HDD's that have mysteriously become RAW system files. I would have already bought their software if it wasn't for the fact that its a subscription service and not a purchase. Obviously, I would use it for one month and then drop it. I've tried a few others but nothing seems to be able to do what easeUS can do. I've tested: Recuva, MiniTool, Testdisk & DiskInternals Partition Recovery - None even come close to easeUS.

Are there any other programs I could test before I suck it up and pay the one time fee for easeUS?

Seriously, what person is paying $50/month for a subscription to a data recovery service?!?! So wish I could find something else...


Oct 30, 2012
Try Autopsy.
WoW - Autopsy is some serious VooDoo! That was some really good reading this morning, and it was awesome playing around with that program!

Autopsy is running right now so I'll check back in later but the detail on what is has so far is remarkable!

Thx for the tip!

ps - Dam! I can extract while analyzing!?!? How cool is that!
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