date of a photo


Mar 19, 2015
Good evening!

Someone has sent me a photo. I have looked in the proprieties and I have found the date when it was taken. The person should have not taken the photo at that date, it would be compromising for her. I asked and she said that she changes the EFIX data and that is why I see that date, but the photo was taken previously(I know it is ridiculous). Is that possible?

Then she said she will send me the picture with the modified date and the original date. I received the photos on Skype, but when I look in proprities I find that the creation date is when she has sent them and modified is when I received them. If I try to find EFIX data online it does not show the date or it shows the same thing (when it was sent on Skype). Has she done something to the photos?

My question is, is there a way to find the original date when the photo was taken and to see what modifications were brought to it?
You cannot ever guarantee that the dates on anything are correct - they are trivial to modify.

You're thinking of EXIF. This data is added by the camera, when the photo is taken. Photo manipulation software (e.g. Photoshop) can easily change it, though.

Creation/modification dates are when the files themselves were created/modified. Likely when you download the photo from your email client.
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