Decent gaming/editing laptop for about £600?


Mar 21, 2014
So I don't want to deprive myself from my gaming and editing experiences while I'm on the go, so I want to get myself a laptop. I do have some requirements, but I don't want it to cost an arm or a leg.....yet. Can someone please find me a laptop that costs about £600, have good gaming performance, and have at least these minimum specs;
8gb RAM
Dual Core CPU
1TB storage
1080p display

I'm willing to extend my budget to £700, but please avoid if possible.

configure as necessary: I5 4200, 8 GB ram, 1 TB HDD. gtx 760M will run everything at medium or better fluently. comes with windows 8.1 for the same price, should be around £700, if you add another £25 you can get a 1080p screen, and they have free shipping in the UK.
or you can have a 13.3 equivilant that has about 14% better gaming capability. - the 1080p on this is not optional and is £27 over budget, however I personally think its worth it.
you can upgrade this as you need, but the new 850M is better than the 765M and is the new structure - maxwell. this comes under budget with an I5 4200, 8GB ram, 1 TB hdd, 1080p with 850M at £695.

please note, new GPUs are coming to the site with new chassis of the optimus V and the skyfire.
Hope this helps.