Decent Tablet on a Budget?


Dec 4, 2007
Hi all. My Mom is in need of a new PC as hers is becoming quite the relic. I upgraded the RAM last year from 256MB to 1GB, which was a noticeable improvement, but it's still an almost 10 year old Dell Dimension 2400 running on XP (which MS is dropping support for early next year) and upgrading to Win 7 isn't really an option.

Since all she really ever uses the PC for is Facebook, some light web browsing (mainly recipes) and maybe the occasional game of solitaire, I was thinking it might be better and cheaper to get her a tablet. She doesn't have a smart phone, so a tablet would likely be a bit of an adjustment for her.

Would this be a better route to take for her? Would it also be a good choice if her eyesight isn't what it used to be? I'm looking to buy for Christmas for under $200 if possible.

Any advice/suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks =)

Edit: Forgot to mention that we live in Canada, if that makes any difference with suggestions.