Deciding between Dt770 pro 80 ohm, Dt990 pro, ATH-M50X



So for the past few days I have been looking at headphones to replace my current pair. I have narrowed it down to these 3 and I was wondering Which one I should go for. These headphones will be used for things like gaming, music( I listen to mostly rap, Hip-hop, edm, pop, rock, and dub-step if that helps) , and watching things on Netflix. I am a bit of a basshead. I am also well aware that the Dt990 pro will need an amp/dac for them to work at full potential. These will be used for extended periods of time so comfort also plays a part in this decision as well.


m50 has very tiny soundstage and small earcups. decent quality audio for the price and a nice folding design. decent bass extension. built like tanks. i have a pair and i enjoy them but the dt770 is all around the better product.

dt770 is similar but with better bass and treble extension as well as having half decent soundstaging for being closed cans. the beyers have larger earcups and non folding design with good comfort. the 80 ohm is the most bassy while the 250ohm is the most refined.

dt990 is similar to the 770 but with wider soundstage, somewhat more treble extension and less bass but still good quantity for an open can. i would only suggest the 250 pro as the rest (premium) are too expensive.

for a basshead the dt770-80ohm paired with a decent amplifier would likely make you the most happy.

keep in mind that the cans mentioned here are "bassy" cans not "bass cannons" this means that they have greater than average bass but do not distort the rest of the audio. cannons generally do only bass quantity at the expense of hurting other frequencies and becoming flabby (think sony xtra bass models). bassy cans will satisfy most people but if youre a real hardcore basshead you may find them not enough.
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