Del Inspiron 5555 Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working (Seeking Help)


Dec 17, 2014
Updated! Previously, a friend had a monthish old laptop with Windows 10 already installed, and their keyboard abruptly quit one day (up to and including no light when the caps lock button was pressed). It started working again out of the blue, and I thought all was well.

But now half of their keys work and half do not, and there is still no light when caps lock is pressed.

I have returned to seek further assistance. None of the following methods have been attempted again, but will be if it seems like it might be useful to do so. When the keyboard first stopped working, we did the following:

We updated drivers on and uninstalled/reinstalled the keyboard in Device Manager.

We did a hardware change scan on the keyboard in Device Manager.

We tried a system restore to 3 days prior (we have not tried one on their other possible restore, 7 days prior)

We turned on and off several combinations of sticky/filter/toggle keys.

We booted in safe mode and confirmed it does not work there either.

We tried turning off faster boot in power options.

Further, we plugged in a spare keyboard and confirmed that that works. As said, their touchpad still works, and their wired mouse also continued to work just fine.

Once more any assistance would be appreciated. It's quite perplexing and rather vexing an issue, and I hope to help them resolve it as soon as possible.


Dec 17, 2014

It did not, at the time, according to said friend. The day following my post, though, it abruptly started working again, in entirety. We have no idea what happened, but it was solved. I failed to reply promptly enough, but my issue is over as their keyboard appears to be working just fine again. Unless there is anything you think we should do or look into related to it possibly happening again, my problem solved itself. Thank you for the willingness to help, though!


Dec 17, 2014

According to my friend, they bought it brand new. They aren't 100% sure how old it is beyond that, but it was not bought used, it was bought brand new.
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