Dell 5537 vs Dell 3537

AnIsH jOsEpH

Oct 13, 2014
Hi all

I am looking to buy a laptop and yet confused about this two models.
both configuration is same but only body is saying difference.

kindly explain what does it make difference.?
There are a few internal differences I found; 1) chipset is different, the more expensive model features the QS76 Express (typo? I found no info from Intel on this chipset) while the less expensive model features the HM76 Express. Without info from Intel I can't tell you why one might be better. 2) Thickness, the more expensive model is 6mm thicker. 3) Graphics ram, the more expensive model has GDDR5 ram on the graphics while the other model has GDDR3. Even though they are the same model number, the GDDR5 card will perform better. And finally, 4) Faster network interface on the more expensive model with a 10/100/1000 Mbs throughput while the lessor model has only 10/100 throughput (when hard wired only - Wi-Fi speed is the same)
Do those differences really amount to 4000₹? I can't really say but that's what I found