Dell 7559 tempreature problems


Aug 31, 2016
So I bought a Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK off Amazon, it's completely new and have been using it for a couple of days only
I tried to update everything possible, windows updates and drivers as well
Now the problem is, when I game on it, my CPU fries ! it reaches 90c and even maxes up to 98-99 !! (Room temperature is not bad in an AC ~25c)
My GPU however stays pretty cool, never exceeds 75c at all
I don't feel like the fans are actually working hard, cannot hear them, so if there's a way to check for the fans, I would appreciate it
And any help in general would be appreciated

PS : the choice of getting it to the service center is not available as it's bought in the US and I'm in the middle east currently

When running the Speedfan program, it should give you info (not on the screen you shared) showing the details of how to fans are doing. What their speed is. Also, you can usually tell by sound. Do they get a lot louder when playing games? Dos anything sound like it is running faster than normal (or even slower than normal) no matter what you are doing on the computer?

To be honest, games will make a laptop run hotter. Contrary to what companies say, they really aren't made for heavy gaming. Reminds me of when the ps1 changed from the big box version to the tiny little one. Darn things always overheated.
If it was purchased recently, it might be repairable via mail in. You would need to check with the manufacturer though.

Now in regard to monitoring, have you tried programs like 'Speedfan', 'HWiNFO', 'Argus Monitor', etc? There are quite a few programs out there. Just do a quick google search for programs like Speedfan. The program(s) should give you a better idea of what is going on.
What did they say was the fan speeds? It was not in the image. So the temps show between 75 and 85. Was that while playing?

1. Check the fan(s) to make sure they are working correctly. Cooling correctly.
2. You can also play games at a lower fps and/or a lower resolution. This will often lower the temp.
3. Also, was anything on the computer updated just before this started? If so, try uninstalling the update and see if that resolves it.
4. Make sure there is good air flow and circulation going in and out of the laptop. The ambient room temp is one thing, but if there isn't good circulation, it won't do as well at cooling.


Aug 31, 2016

Thanks for your reply, mailing it back to the US will cost me shit ton of money tbh and it's not worth it at all :D

I checked with speedfan and AfterBurner together so it shows the charts, here's a picture after some gaming on battlefield 1 beta :
Hopefully you will let me know how it's going as I've no clue about it :D


Aug 31, 2016

Thanks for replying, that was while playing, and the fans speed are shown on the left side of the image in the chart, ~3400-3600RPM

1- How do I check that ? that's what I'm having problem with :D I did the dell diagnosis and it passed the test for the fans
2- The game was auto on high/ultra settings (BF3 & BF1 beta), I was playing at lowest with V-sync locking the frames @60
3- Yes I have everything up to date, however on dell drivers it's stuck on 2 updates for the chipset which are "Intel Management Engine Interface Driver" and "Intel Serial IO Driver" .. I already installed those 2 drivers and everytime I use dell detection it just shows me those 2 drivers that I need to install (uninstalled them and reinstalled a couple of times after reboots as well)
4- The laptop's sides are completely free, while setting it on a dining table :D

Sorry for the long writing, and thanks in advance for any help :)
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