Dell 7559, Water Damage?


Feb 21, 2015
Hey everyone. I was going somewhere the other day on my dad's bike with my laptop in my backpack. It starts raining all of a sudden and we were in traffic. My bag got pretty wet. When I opened it up my laptop was in its sleeve case thingy which was wet but not enough that when I squeezed it only a drop came out. Now, my laptop wasn't drenched. It was slightly wet like if you dab it with a slightly wet cloth. The only way water could get in is the bottom panel. There are pretty small grills there so if a drop went through it would most likely have latched onto the grill. When I opened the back panel none of the stickers seemed like they got wet. Could it still be water damage? Also is there a water damage sticker? When I charge it and hold the power button for a few seconds, the notification led turns on for 2 seconds then turns off.
Well it may just be a dead battery, but for now I would open it up, remove the battery if possible, and then let it dry for a few days just to be sure. Then put it all back together, charge it and see if it turns on.