Question Dell G16 Fan Noise - Ready to return but figured I'd ask first

Mar 11, 2023
Hey everyone, I purchased a Dell G16 for general computing and gaming and am disappointed with the fan noise at idle. I would be fine with the fans making a racket if it were while I was gaming, but the lowest I can get the fan speed to go using Alienware Command Center is using the "Quiet" preset and that's 37% for the CPU and 43% for the GPU. I have tried creating a custom profile in Alienware Command Center, but no matter how flat I make the fan offset profile, it won't dip below 37%.

I love everything else about the laptop, and really want to keep it, but being able to hear the fans going when I'm writing an email or listening to music in Spotify is not acceptable to me, they should either be off, or completely silent. I've tried watching some YouTube vids, and people recommend things like the "HardwareInfo" Fan Controller, but for whatever reason, the CPU and GPU fan's don't appear in the list of monitored devices when I open up HardwareInfo, so not sure what's going on.

I'm ready to return this thing, but figured I'd post here first in case anybody knows how to change the fan profiles manually.