Dell inspirion 3000 seires 3542 wont charge and other issues. please help :)

Jeran Fox

Jun 27, 2015
My dell inspiron 15 3000 series 3542 is plugged in but not charging, SOMETIMES when i move it around it will start charging so im guessing short and i do have a hardware warranty on it. My other question is that like 2 minutes after startup my hdd will spike in either up and mouse freezing for max power until it stops (lucky me i got the touchscreen one so i can partially use it ) or it will spike to 100% for like 1/2 a second and do that for how ever long it wants. when i went to task manager i clicked on it to show top running processes and it says 0.1-0.5 mb a second but will sometimes spike to 15-20 mb a second for processes like notepad and still will not crash. it just freezes. on another note the memory is acting up on startup to where when i run taskmanager it is hovering for 3.8-3.9 gb . i dont want to pay 75 bucks for new ddr3L 8 gb memory and so, how should i go software wise and hardware wise. if it does include the use of the HARDWARE ONLY warranty, how would i go about this :) thanks.


Nov 6, 2014
Hello Jeran Fox,

My name is Shrikanth and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. Please run diagnostics & reply with your findings. Also try updating bios see if it helps. Please private message the service tag let me check and see what best can be done.

Thanks and regards
Shrikanth G
Social Media and Community Professional
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