Dell inspiron 14z screen bouncing/flickering


Nov 17, 2017
It's been doing this for months, when i use the laptop with an external screen such as my TV it stops bouncing on the main screen and doesnt do it on the TV at all, but when i un plug the HDMI cord it starts bouncing on my laptops screen.

Additional notes: my laptop is the version that only has intel hd 4000 graphics, not amd.

All of my drivers are completely up to date and my BIOS is also up to date.

I have tried different refresh rates and even tilting the screen to see if it's a issue with the cord that connects the screen, it's not.

I have tried dell system detect full scan and all passed.

I have tried sfc cmd's for repairing windows and it didn't find anything to fix.

I have tried factory resseting it and it still happens even after that.