Dell Inspiron 15-5000 Randomly Freezes


Dec 13, 2014
New Inspiron 15-5000 purchased in November 2015 and activated in December. Soon thereafter it began randomly freezing. The only way to resolve was a hard restart.

Spent a total of 5.5 hours on with tech support in 2 sessions. During second we did a soft refresh of Windows10. Then, at the end of the 3+ hour call, it froze. Told that, despite paying for 2nd day on site service, needed to send it in to the repair depot.

Did that. The laptop arrived back 2 days ago. Apparently they did a complete reinstall of Win10.

Began working with the laptop yesterday. Installed Office 2013. Then Norton Security. About an hour or so later it froze again.

Called Dell Support today. Another 3.5 hours on the phone. 2 of those hours were running operating system updates. Also updated BIOS and firmware.

Not sure if this worked or not. If not, any ideas.

This should not be happening to a brand new laptop.
•Inspiron 15-5000, Touch Screen, 12 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive, Windows 10 Home, 6th Generation i5-6200U, Integrated graphics