Dell Inspiron 7567 Vs Lenovo Legion Y520


Jan 25, 2017
I am aware there are multiple threads already with similar questions but all of them have different specifications with what i have in mind. I am considering to buy a budget GTX 1050 Laptop and my top picks are DELL INSPIRON 7567 and LENOVO Y520.

Here are some brief specifications for both Laptops that are sold in my country:

Dell Inspiron 7567
-Intel Core I7-7700
-GTX 1050 2GB
-1 TB 5400RPM Harddisk
- TN Panel
`~ $785

Lenovo Y520
-Intel Core I7-7700
-GTX 1050 4GB
-1TB 5400RPM Harddisk
- IPS Panel
~ $782.08

The Y520 has an IPS Panel BUT bad keyboard and Lower Battery life as seen on this thread:

The 7567 has Longer Battery Life BUT Lower GPU Memory and uses a TN panel.

Personally i'm leaning towards DELL but i can't ignore Lenovo's Y520 as it has a similar price as Dell's Inspiron 7567 and it also uses an IPS Panel. Which is better? (Feel free to recommend other laptops but keep in mind my budget are extremely tight so laptops with GPUs higher than GTX 1050 are not affordable to me)


If you're looking for the biggest 'gaming bang for your bucks', then the Legion is my recommendation. The Dell Inspirion isn't bad at all, but the Legion offers the bigger GPU and an IPS panel that will make it much more useful for other tasks (productivity and web-surfing). As for the keyboard, here's a second opinion from April last year:

From Lenovo's own user forum I know that battery life is ridiculously bad on the Legion, but it is slated as a 'gaming machine' and I seriously doubt the Dell will offer significantly better battery life - maybe 1 or 2 hours more, but it's going to be less than 4 hours of usage at best even with the Dell.

Your problem is that customizing the Dell to the same level as the Legion will add several hundreds of dollars to the price. But in that case, the Dell seems to offer better build-quality, and Dell's IPS panels are very good (and very expensive).

But as it is now, the Legion remains my recommendation.


Feb 4, 2018
Dell, 7567,imo. The TN panel can be upgraded for about $50 and a little know how (or watch youtube if you dont know). Plus if I told you that you can get it on Dell's website for $716 shipped and tax it may sway you in that direction. I just bought one myself, but with the 1050ti GPU.


Feb 4, 2018

I am not as familiar with the Lenovo Legions, but you are correct, you would spend a few hundred more dollars in upgrades to get similar screen quality. However, I believe the 7567s all now ship with an IPS panel. Its not a very good one and read you should upgrade it anyways since this was the main and very notible flaw in an otherwise solid build, Dell started shipping all future configurations with IPS no matter if you got a base mode; or the premium UHD 4k version.

Consequently, if you take into account Dells sale now and get a base model 7567 @ $716 (shipped including tax this includes all current promotions on the website as well) and spend another $50 on a decent IPS panel, total price is around $760-$770 & you are under the price of the Lenovo. Again I am not as familiar with the Lenovos and the performance of the Legion line; but if you planned on adding upgrades like more RAM and an m.2 SSD anyways then you may be better served with the Dell since its an easy access to the entire bottom of the laptop with one screw and saving a few $$ in the process. The 7567 also has a 6 cell 74wh battery giving you around 9 hrs of battery life , which is unheard of. Now if you are playing games its going to be around 2 hours as you stated, but that is pretty standard I believe in most gaming rigs under heavy GPU and CPU load.

I researched the 7567 for weeks before jumping on it myself and was torn between a gaming model Lenovo Ideapad , the 7567 and a ROG Strix. I was turned off by the Lenovo and ASUS due to lack of easy access to the undercarriage of the laptop v the easy access on the Dell; as I planned to re-apply all thermal compounds on CPU and GPU with Artic Silver, upgrade RAM, change to m,2 samsung EVO for boot drive and wireless card upgrade. These were all things I planned on upgrading no matter what machine I chose (over time of course, not all at once). As I had a very strict budget to work with, In the end the ASUS ROG was over my price point and besides the lack of easy access on the ideapad, they didn't offer the model I wanted in a 15", only 17". But I did not do as extensive research on the Lenovo as I did the 7567, so I do not know if actual end user performance out weighs that of the 7567 at similar specs for the price point. For me though actual cost was the biggest factor in narrowing my choice to one. I just couldn't pass up the $$ I was saving for the specs on the 7567. I do agree with you though that, clearly both the Lenovo and Dell are good machines, as I had basically the same decisions as. Vincent_2255 did, I just had the ASUS in my top 3.
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