Dell Inspiron 7737 - Dropped laptop now laptop shuts down right when I try to load a game


Nov 28, 2014
Hey everyone! I have a Dell Insipron 7737 with a Nvidia Gefore 750m and an Intel integrated graphics. I mostly use it for playing online games. I knocked it over while cleaning. It fell 30 cm onto carpet. Whenever I tried to load a game my laptop would shut down. I realized that it might be the 750m causing problems since I made all my games run with it. I tried changing the default graphics card to the integrated one and now I can play my games, but the fps is really horrid. I was wondering if the gpu is loose or it there is anyway of repairing it. I have no warranty left.

Edit: Laptop still detects the 750m


Nov 6, 2014

Hello shinghan,

My name is Shrikanth and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. The graphics card is embedded on the motherboard so there is no way it can become loose. Did you try updating the graphics driver. If you have not done that yet go to this link punch in the service tag try updating the graphics driver. Also try running diagnostics to check if your hardware is working fine.

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Shrikanth G
Social Media and Community Professional
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