dell inspiron n5010 laptop switch off after a 20-30 seconds in it boot


Oct 22, 2015
I have a dell inspiron n5010 laptop. i switch on my laptop It boots into windows and after a 20-30 seconds it switches off with a increasing its fan sound. Not shut down but off completely. Also I tried resseting my BIOS but While I was in my BIOS my laptop again switched in same way above. no idea why is this happening. I remove my hdd , replas ram clean the fan but it is stil not warking. I switches on completely for 10-20 seconds and then switches of with increasing fan speed and sound.

Since the problem is also happening in BIOS it could either be your AC adapter or the battery.

- Try the laptop without the battery but just the AC adapter plug in it. Observe if it will still shut down by itself.
- If it does still shuts down by itself you may need to test the AC adapter using a voltage meter to see if it's supplying enough voltage to the laptop to power it on.
- If it doesn't shut down, that means it could be the battery that is damaged already.
- Another test you can do is to try another AC adapter that has the same voltage just to check if it is the problem.
- If all these doesn't work, you may need to contact the manufacturer if it's still under the factory warranty for a repair.