Dell Laptop Starts to Boot then shuts down


Jun 1, 2015
Trying to fix a Dell Inspiron 3521. When the laptop starts to boot it turns on for about 3 seconds with no screen display appearing and then just shuts off. Removed Ram to see if something was causing the issue, but no luck. Removed Hard drive to see if it would try to boot no luck. Tried some other things as well, but still no luck on it. There is no display I can't access Bios, safe mode, or anything is shuts down before I can even get into it and there is no display just a black screen. Anyone else have this problem? O there is also no Beeps for an error. When I hit the power button I hear the fan kick on for about 3 seconds then right back off it goes. Any ideas what would be causing this?

Also my assumption not sure if this is right, but since this is no display is it possible that it would be motherboard related such as overheated?
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