Dell Latitude E5450 CPU temperatures


Dec 28, 2015
I would like to ask, whether my CPU temperatures are normal. Preferably someone who has an access to the same kind of laptop (Dell Latitude E5450 with i7 5600U and GF 840M).

When idle, the computer has 50-60°C (it never goes under 50°C during the day). When I start a stress test (I am using OCCT) the temperature quickly goes (within 5 seconds) to 85°C and then slowly progressing to 90-100°C where it lowers the CPU clock rate and temperature goes back to 70-80°C. After few moments it increases the clock rate back and the temperature climbs to 90°C again. This goes on and on.

The laptop is ~1 month old, it already had fan + heatsink replaced. Before the replacement there were stability problems which are now gone, but I am not sure it's behaving as it should. In all the reviews they say it's a quiet laptop, but I hear the fan (in my opinion) a lot. The battery life is ~4 hours of web surfing in power saver mode, which also (in my opinion) is not impressive for a new ultrabook with a 15W TDP processor.

The Dell service partner says the temperatures are probably normal, but they offered me MB + CPU replacement if I experience any problems. Should I go for it? Will it help anything?

BIOS is the newest version as are all the drivers.

And one more observation - when the CPU has that 80-95°C, the air blowing from the fan is not really hot as I would expect, it's warm.