Question Dell Latitude E5570 shuts down automatically?

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Aug 8, 2021
Hi everyone,
My laptop shuts down on its own whenever I play a demanding game, at first I thought it was a heat relating issue, so I bought a cooling table (silly I know), but it kinda prevented some of the random shutdowns while gaming, the temp goes up to 87° - 96° I'm going to repast the CPU and GPU to help reduce the temp, whenever the shut-down happens, it doesn't turn off directly instead I get the windows 10 shutdown screen (the blue one), so I don't know if it's heat-related also when I checked event viewer this is what I got:
The process C:\Windows\system32\shutdown.exe (DILAW-PC) has initiated the shutdown of computer DILAW-PC on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE for the following reason: No title for this reason.
Reason Code: 0x800000ff
Shutdown Type: shutdown

I should also mention this, I don't turn it on with the power button (it doesn't work) I just plug the ac power cable, and it turns on and start diagnostics and tests, I had a short circuit but nothing burned thankfully, also I don't have batteries (took them off cause they inflated), its been like this for over a year, any help would be appreciated.
Nov 6, 2021
Hello there,
I am having the same problem with my Dell Latitude E5570 too. I also thought it's the heating problem but I have no idea anymore, it even turns off when it's at 60-70 degrees. I heard some people talking about battery/power supply issues on other forums with dell products, so I played a bit with drivers as they suggested. Seemed to work for like a month and the problem went back to me right after. Unlike you I have nothing in the events logs, aside of the notice from kernel-power that shutdown has taken place. I would be glad if you let me know if repasting works, I am getting really desperate with this issue as even friends from IT branch couldn't help me with it.
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