Question Dell Precision M4500


Sep 24, 2021
I have 2 of these, neither running Windows (7 was original). Working with FydeOS (Chromium OS) and Chrome Flex. Both work and sync (most) of my Chromebook profile stuff (a Chromebook from Dell) but operate faster in web browsing/cloud than the newer chromebook (Celeron N3060). Batteries are there. about 38% and 50%, but keep the config setup viable as long as charged because the coin batteries are dead. Yikes. But these are too heavy for any real travel use anyway so the linger around the power cord. Just need for lightweight general stuff (no gaming obviously). I installed the Linux thing on both and Python 3 on one -- works. Both report that in normal use (mine) only just over 2 Gb Ram is used. One has 8 Gb RAM.

The questions:
Camera doesn't work correctly in either OS (turns on but locks up/freezes screen) so perhaps a display driver/software issue? Sometimes the whole computer will freeze for a bit. I know it is not supported by the Chrome Flex project, but... Anything better to sync the Googly stuff from Chromebook perspective?

One is at bios A16 (last issued) and the other is at A15 -- without Windows I can't update that, right? Or it probably won't benefit anyway?

Do you have more recent experience with this model, trying to make them useful (not necessarily everyday use)?