Dell Precision M4700 vs Alienware M14x. Please help...!!


Jan 13, 2013

I am planning to buy laptop but confused between the Dell Precision M4700 and Alienware M14x. I will be mainly using it for CPU intensive programs,simulations and biological data analysis, testing statistical models. No Gaming. The only reason I am considering Alienware is because it is comparatively cheaper if I go with similar configuration on both. Also I will be mainly running Linux. Please help to decide and chose between the two. Also whats the max RAM Alienware support?

Thanks in advance. Will really appreciate all the help



What kind of configuration are you gonna go with on each laptop, i.e. CPU, GPU, RAM, etc...? What do you want to spend? From personal experience, I've always ran my statistical analysis software, i.e. SPSS on my desktop, as it takes much less time. However, with new, more powerful mobile hardware out there, you may be alright- it just depends on what you are specifically looking at and how complex your models are, how big your data sets are, etc...


Feb 28, 2013

go with the m4700. you want a laptop for WORK, not for play. strictly on a practical level, the m4700 is built for what you need; it's got enough inputs, the right graphics card (gaming cards are different from professional work/ engineering cards), and also, much more security features to protect your data.

you could also check out lenovo's w530, which might also a good choice for your needs. And if you got deep pockets, an hp elitebook 8570w.

by the way, the m14x might be cheaper, but's only because the screen is smaller, and you'll appreciate a 15.6" inch screen when you start getting tunnel vision from working all day on a small screen. and if your answer is "well, I'll use an external screen" in that case, the work stations STILL win on the basis of connectivity options available for them.

any of these three workstations will be good for you, but NOT the alienware.

and on a vanity level, you just don't want a laptop that screams "15 year old gamer!" around your scientific colleagues.
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