Discussion Dell Precision M4800 with GTX965M Refresh (MXM GPU Upgrade Laptop, in progress)

Mar 11, 2023
got a good deal on GTX965M Refresh (N16E-GR-A1) on year 2023.
in progress of upgrade Dell Precision M4800 with it.
I believe the Dell BIOS at A26, or latest at most.

take note:
GTX965M hardware ID is 10DE 13D9
GTX965M Refresh hardware ID is 10DE 1427

initially using Driver Booster, I have no idea why GTX965M Refresh show (faulty) status, but still able to find & install driver of version 531.26.
before any installation, Device Manager able to detect the card & label it as 'generic display'. basically when it was detected, it should work after installed with proper driver.
I guess it's the very nature of GTX965M refresh; rare & one of the kind in the wild.
when download separately, using the same driver version & install, it show error "device not supported". checking the said INF file, it DOESN'T list the hardware ID it should have.
the weird thing is in NVidia control panel; NVidia logo spin have glitch/artifact intermittently. but when doing simple stress test, it works without such issue for the first time. 2nd simple stress test or switch to other stress test, either random crash, or screen hang.
I'm highly suspicious of software incompatibility instead of hardware, since hardware is detectable in system.

there's tons of NVidia driver I searched out there that so called support GTX965M, but turns out the supposed hardware ID (10DE 1427) was NOWHERE to be found in the INF file
at most they listed the ordinary GTX965M of hardware ID 10DE 13D9

thanks for Jayhuge's info, GTX965M Refresh able to install accordingly WITHOUT any modification required.
however using Dell OEM GTX driver to install, it stated "not supported". check INF file, it does list the supposed GTX965M refresh hardware ID. maybe there's some step I miss, or something.
can't reply or do any contact since it's almost a year old thread.

anyone out there have other info's of the possible driver (latest would be great) that could be install, without any editing?
or maybe flash it with some modded VGA BIOS?
btw, does PhysX matters in terms of version compatibility?
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