Dell won't complete boot


Aug 15, 2010
Dell Latitude E5500 won't complete bootup. Diagnostics show 8+ blocks on sata disk that won't set time (IRQ)?? with an error code OFOO-1332. Diagnostics gives a number for each block. Is sata disk no good and that's why it won't boot. Will a new sata disk (hard drive) replacement fix this problem? The boot diagnostics shows error code 0146 (2000-0146) for preboot build 4122 Service Tag J52C3M1. Not sure what these diagnostics mean, but if blocks on your sata disk (hard drive?) won't set time, (IRQ) that makes me think maybe my hard drive died. Hope someone can tell me if that's what these diagnostics mean. Dead disk would make it so my computer won't boot, right? Help it you can. Thanks