Question Dell XPS 12 9Q23 Crashing on Battery/With 'Strain'

Apr 26, 2020
Hi there,

A while back I acquired an XPS 12 9Q23. It had a dysfunctional screen which I replaced.

I had noticed that when on battery power, the laptop reached around 70% of activity and would hard crash (black screen, not BSOD). When you turned it back on, it would continue until the login screen and crash again, then enter a reboot cycle. It does not appear to crash on BIOS screens etc.

I assumed this was a battery issue, so replaced the battery - however the issue continued. I started to experience other issues with this battery and so reverted to the original - I'm not sure if the replacement was defective but I'm fairly convinced it isn't a problem with the battery itself.

I noticed as well that even on power, the laptop occasionally crashes - particularly if I try charging a phone through USB or playing an intense game.

During a recent test, I got down to around 50% battery, visited YouTube and crashed before even opening a video. I entered the BIOS and disabled 'Intel SpeedStep' - to my surprise, this enabled me to turn on the laptop from the crash, however it was incredibly slow (to the point of inactivity, couldn't really open any programs at all and anything that did open would freeze). It did not crash and the fans were virtually inactive.

My thoughts are that it's the CPU, so perhaps a motherboard change would fix the issue? My concern is that I don't really want to go through the entire process of replacing numerous bits of hardware and sinking tonnes of cash into what is an old laptop and a hand me down.

Just wanted to see if anyone here had any similar experiences or thoughts?

Many thanks

Steps taken:
  • Screen replacement [likely unrelated]
  • Battery replacement [reverted]
  • Drivers all updated as best as possible
  • Attempted to disable SpeedStep
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