Dell XPS 13 (2015): FHD vs. QHD


Apr 14, 2015
I have decided on getting the New Dell XPS 13 for college. Both are available at Microsoft' student store. The two models I have deciding between are the:

XPS 13 that includes: 1900x1080 non-touch screen, i5 5th gen Processor, 4gb ram, 128gb SSD. $810

XPS 13 that includes: 2560x1440 touch screen, i5 5th gen Processor, 8gb ram, 256gb SSD. $1169

I don't mind the price difference to much both am wondering if the extra pixels and screen quality is worth the cut in battery life. The FHD version is supposed to have about 4 more hours of battery compared to the QHD version. I will probably be doing some light gaming so that is a factor.Would greatly appreciate any advice.


Phillip Corcoran

It would be very hard for me NOT to choose the more expensive one if I could afford it.

Double the amount of RAM (over the cheaper model) and double the SSD capacity is always worth having, whilst touch-screen facility is a nice option to have (you can still use touchpad or mouse if touch-screen doesn't appeal).