Review Dell XPS 13 OLED review

Jan 13, 2022
Dell Xps 13 2019 daily blue screens. Never a dell again for me

Ordered another dell xps 13 for my wife even though the previous xps 13 had constant problems with sound, wifi and slow performance. I looked at online reviews like this one and they raved about the xps 13. I guess we were just unlucky with our previous model.

The new laptop has been a nightmare. Frequent random blue screens with lost data. Support from dell was poor. I gave them my wife's number to contact for support as I was traveling a lot, but every single time they called me, at all hours. They tried to fix it, replacing the motherboard twice, but the crashes continued. I then requested a full replacement, which was ignored and then the warranty expired after 1 year of poor performance. My wife uses it as best as she can working around the blue screen that occurs several times a day.

NEVER AGAIN A DELL. I have owned quite a few Dells but the last few Dells have been very very poor. The dell xps turned out to be an expense piece of ****.