Dell xps L502X fan problems


Jun 4, 2012
Hi there,

So there's the problem,i have a Dell XPS L502X and i mostly work on it with word nothing intensive,well i sometimes watch a movie,but what is bugging me is that the fan randomly turns up very high when i am working and is on at 100 percent when i am watching a movie,and the temperatures are really normal,while working its 35-40,when i watch a movie its like 48,so my question is how do i make the fan not turn on at all?because it isnt needed,or at a low rpm so it doesnt bug me.Its just making a really loud,unwanted noise.



Oct 1, 2012
you may be able to adjust the speed in the system bios, but be warned that it does this in order to maintain those normal system temps... So if you turn it down you might start to get heat issues. If you want to solve it all together. Get a new, high quality fan (~$2-$15). Make sure it moves a lot of air, as different fan blade constructions move different amounts of air. Then install it and you shouldn't have that issue anymore...


Sep 16, 2009
Check your power settings? typically if I remember about this laptop it switches to the built in Nvidia card when power cable is plugged in, if you are running on just the battery it should use the gpu in the intel chip which should draw less...with mine if I leave desktop gadgets on when its plugged in then it goes through the GPU and every 1 min to 1min 30 it cycles the fan up then goes quiet, then cycles up again.....system default is to use the integrated, only let the nvidia card handle it when it comes to games...Try some light gaming an then the fans an temp really start showing you how hot it gets..