Denon 1500 dcd problem


Mar 8, 2010
I have an old 1500 Denon dcd player that has just gone belly up on me. When the disc is inserted, the disc light on display panel flashes off and on. At the same time the player is still trying to pull platter assembly in further (though it is in all the way) and will intermittenly spin the disc for a second or two. Just previous to this the player stopped mid way through a cd and cleared all the track info. NOt to cheap to buy a new player but have always loved the sound and dependability of this unit. Opened unit up but no obvious cause found. Anyone know what I am missing? Thank you for taking the time to read and any responses would be greatly appreciated-AL


Try cleaning the laser lens with a gentle solvent -- e.g. alcohol and a cotton wool stick, putting no pressure on lens assembly.

Again with bud, use a very light lubricant on the rails, cogs etc of drawer mech. Also see if you can access the drawer belt drive and clean the belt and pulley wheels with alcohol.

Beyond that, I'd look for an old Marantz or other deck which uses the Philips swing arm laser assembly. You can spot them from the curved cutout in the drawer. These late 80s and early 1990's players sound fab and are so over-engineered that some will even work with CDRW (though they were designed before such a thing existed).
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