Solved! DENON AVR-591 5.1 CH/SC-A/C56 speakers and subwoofer DSW 56

Jan 9, 2019
My home theatre system's speakers are working perfect except Subwoofer. What Could be the reason of not working? Is there is any frequency to set up in the individual speakers?


Set Sub level 0 to 4 decibels in the avr and crossover about 80.

At the back of sub there is frequency and gain dial. Set frequency between 60 and 80 and gain is the volume.

Can set fronts to small or large, shouldn't matter too much. If they have woofers then set them to large. Smaller surround speakers set to small.

Have you calibrated the speakers yet?

Your avr should have come with a calibration mic. Put the mic where you'll be mostly sitting. Have it sit on a stool or chair so it's about your ear height. Have the avr menu on screen and connect the cable to the mic input. Should start automatically. It'll play test tones to calibrate volume and speaker distances. During this time need to be very quiet so try not to laugh because the tones can be kinda funny lol. After that, audio should sound very intune where you sit.
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