Desktop configuration suggestion


Jul 31, 2016
Hi All,

I have decided to upgrade my CPU. Now I do not have much experience with assembling computers and all. So I took help from one website and went through a couple of reviews for the motherboards, processors, graphics card etc. and came up with the following configuration.
1. Processor - AMD FX 8320
2. Motherboard - MSI 990FX-GD65
3. RAM – 8GB DDR3
4. Hard Drive - WD Caviar Green WD10EZRX 1 TB
5. Graphic Card - MSI GTX 960 2GD5T OC 2GB GDDR5
6. Compatible Cabinet and SMPS (I guess 550 to 600 watt would suffice, right? I am thinking Cooler Master Elite 310 and a Corsair VS650 650 W SMPS)
7. I am going to use my TV with HDMI port for video output and my Philips woofer as audio output.
I would like to build a Gaming PC. And I do not want to spend more than the price of the above mentioned graphics card. Now I am not very sure about the other selected hardware, I would like to have some of your expertise to guide me. Like
• Should I be going for the specific motherboard or something else with less price tag would just be fine.
• Should I increase the ram size from 8 GB to 16 GB?
• I have had some extreme heating issue with my laptop processor (I5 2410m 2.3 Ghz) when overclocked. Shall I have that kind of heating issue with this processor, motherboard and GPU combination?
• Should I install a separate Cabinet cooler or Processor cooler? I can really use some suggestions.
• For Wifi n Bluetooth which Wifi card should I buy? How do I know which one is compatible with the motherboard?
• Is there any need to have SSD? Or these are just some fancy thing for a budget gaming pc?

Any thought and opinion would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.......


4. Hard Drive - WD Caviar Green WD10EZRX 1 TB
Do NOT use a WD Green for the OS and application drive. It's main purpose is a secondary drive, for backups and maybe holding video/music/etc.
It is "Green" because it spins down to zero, in an effort to save 'electricity'. The spinup time will kill you in normal operations.



Not sure where you got the parts, but much of it is not quite good, AMD chips are not very good to use in gaming, even on a budget right now.
The hard drive you picked is for low power use and storage, not good as a mian drive.
The video card while good, is now being replaced by the next generatoin of cards.
The power supplies you picked are lower quality and not meant to be used in a gaming system.

Heating issues in a laptop when overclocked are to be expected, laptops are not made for overclocking.

For a budget gaming system, take a look here,4523.html That build uses a lower end power supply, but because the power use is not very high, it's a pretty good setup.

If you are looking to get something along the lines of the 960 video card, you can swap out the i3 for an i5-6500, change the video card, change the power supply to this for a decent budget unit