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Feb 10, 2020
Hi, though not a laptop I can't find where else to post.
My nephew has a mid range gaming desktop that worked fine until a few days ago. He went to bed and it was working fine but when he got up and switched it on there was no output from the graphics card.
Even when the added graphics card was removed and the monitor connected straight to the motherboards graphics output still nothing - a message on monitors screen just said - hdmi not activated and vga not activated.
I am thinking a problem with the onboard graphic chip? But then surely the graphics card that fits into slot on motherboard would still work? Surely both couldn't have failed together at the same time?
I am sure that it is a simple fix and just something I am missing. I have tried all the usual fixes you would try - resetting everything and trying a different graphics card. One thing I'm not sure of is if the added graphic card relys on the graphics chip on the main board to work or if it works independently of it.
If it does need this chip to work then I would think that's the problem - the chip on the main board. But I always thought that an added graphics board worked independently of the onboard graphics chip - is this a wrong assumption?
Any ideas/advice or help would be much appreciated - thanks in advance and please feel free to email Removed with any advice as well as posting here.
Again many thanks for any tips.
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The graphics card does not require the integrated graphics. Remember that not all CPUs have graphic solutions integrated.

Please list your full system specifications to include the make and model of the power supply. Given your description, I would suspect that to be the issue.

-Wolf sends

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