Did Verizon Just Confirm iPhone on Twitter?

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Yeah it's called iPod touch... man Verizon likes to play games too.


Jan 8, 2010
I never try Verizon 3g before, but for sure AT&T it sucks, slow like a turtle even i m in downtown LA, or may be my Iphone 3G sucks, hmm i think my Iphone sucks


Sep 16, 2010
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Feb 25, 2009
Dear Tom's,

Could you please stop posting all of these gossip pieces? Even this article points out in the first sentence that an iPhone/Verizon article is posted every week. This is done based on rumors, speculation, distorted comments by Verizon staff, comments which are accredited to Verizon staff but aren't substantiated, guesswork and baseless gossip.

As an example, this article is written around a post made on Twitter that has since been deleted. However, you don't even post the text on this page, and the page that is linked to displays the post taken out of any sort of context, and doesn't hint at anything aside from a conversation with someone else about the iPhone. There's no way to even verify if it is real and not made in Microsoft Paint (the usual claim is Photoshopped, but I'm not sure you would need so much power to fake this). You even make note of the fact that AT&T exclusivity does not end until 2012 in the article.

I think you and other tech sites are falling into a spiral of positive feedback. That is, the more you report on rumors on the subject, the more popular the subject becomes. As the subject becomes more popular, more rumors are born on the subject. You then report on those rumors, and increase the popularity of the subject.

In fact, this cycle has come to the point where it doesn't actually matter what either Verizon or Apple say on the matter. It's much like how people who believe that President Obama was born in Kenya, when shown his birth certificate, will call it fake.

The point is this: when you stop caring what the facts are and report gossip, you lose your credibility as a news source. To answer your question of whether Verizon just confirmed that they'll get the iPhone in the near future, no, of course not.

Please start using oversight of whether the articles you post are worthy of being posted by a respected news source, and please hire an editor to proofread the articles.




Sep 16, 2010

Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Although your comment will make no difference to these juniour journalists, it's nice to see someone out there can articulate a valid point. I tip my hat. Good day.
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