Didn't start correctly

Aug 6, 2015
I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop T135D-S1325RD
Part No. PST3LU-004001
Serial No. 2A088749W
I tried to do the automatic repair and it is not letting me do so the reply I guess we use your PC did not start correctly press restart to restart your PC which can sometimes be the problem I did that and it still didn't fix it then it also told me I could also press the advanced options to try other options to repair your PC..... long story short accidentally install windows 10 and this is a Windows 7. I also tried to restore it to earlier time and it would not let me.

Try and see if Safe mode would still load.
- Turn it on then repeatedly tap on F8 until Advance Boot Option is open then select Safe Mode.
- If Safe Mode loads up disable all your startup items first found in Task Manager and there's a tab for Startup and reboot your laptop.
- Lastly is you might need to perform a Factory Reset with it since the Operating System might had been corrupted already.
- Press and hold 0 while turning the laptop on and it should bring up the Recovery Wizard that should guide you on how to reset it to factory default.
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