Difference between studio cd burner and regular cd burner


Oct 15, 2007
two things i could think of:
1. the laser is more powerful in the studio burner
2. the laser track (movement) is more precise

all media has a certain point where the laser being too hot will 'explode' the little pixel dot.
i dont know if explode is the best choice, maybe smear and leak into another dot is the better choice of wording.
but if the ink doesnt explode, it will probably simply burn.
maybe burnt ink lasts much longer than hoping the ink doesnt fade away or smear.

another thing, maybe the laser can start and stop faster than a regular cd burner.
this could lead to faster write times if the disc didnt wobble at high speeds.

sometimes the pickup lens is fish-eyed to capture the blinks even when the cd is scratched.
because if there is a scratch.. the blink should still be there, but the light doesnt hit the optical sensor.
a wider lens helps catch 'jitter' or different variations of the reflected light.

and if the cd player was really really high quality.. it would have a fish-eye lens AND the laser would move in a circle pattern to further expand the capture ability.
but this means you need to buffer the output, so when a scratch is detected.. the laser can move and find the light again.

it makes scratched discs playable again.
only when the scratch is so bad that the laser hits the scratch and totally misses the ink, that is when there is a problem.

some of the cd players should be using an advanced optical sensor with a light, and just viewing the dots as they continue to physically exist.. totally ignoring the scratches.
then, only a piece of lint would be a problem.

another trick is to have a laser that can tilt.. and you can try to shoot the light into the dot sideways.
if there was lint directly in the way, you could hit it from the side and capture the light once again.
but this also requires a buffered output, to give the optical system a chance to recover the missing data blink.

maybe if they combined all of these techniques into one cd burner, then it would be 'studio quality'

one thing to take note..
if the optical sensor is highly calibrated with the laser, then any lower amount of light would be considered a blink.
since the laser is light and the ink is supposed to stop the light and cause a blink.. scratches wouldnt block the light from the mirrored surface.
it would be the same amount of light, just with a 'flare'
this is to allow the optical sensor to detect the blinks without being directly in the view of the dot.
could be a few lines over and still see a difference in the change of luminance.
if the disc is that badly scratched, it should be sanded down and buffed smooth.
there is enough room to sand it down until the ink is rubbed off.
and if the ink was on the backside of the label on the top.. you would have all that plastic available to sand.
i've seen that top label flake off and chip.. so it would need to stop doing that :/
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