Question Differences between Samsung soundbars HWMM55, HW-MM55C, and HW-M550 (in time to make a return)


Jun 8, 2015
Good evening. I hope someone can help me on this as I could use a hand. I purchased from Amazon a Samsung Soundbar, model HW-MM55 on Prime day. There weren't too many in depth specs on Amazon's site and when I went to Samsung's site there were no specs listed as it is not showing as an active model. Since then I have also found that there is a model HW-MM55C and a HW-M550. I know the 'M' denotes year but what is the differences otherwise? They all seem to be 340W and 3.1 channel. But what about the rest of the specs, are the speakers the same? What does the MM denote as opposed to the single M naming? Did I get a budget model as the HW-M550 says it has 6 speakers and the woofer looks much different than what I have, but that was the closest I could approximate to what I was buying? I had a LG LAS551H 2.1 channel 320W bar and thought this was a great deal for a 6 speaker bar. But I am beginning to wonder if I did not get what I thought I was and if it is only an incremental upgrade I will return it and keep the LG.

I tried contacted Samsung in the meantime and spent over an hour on chat trying to see if someone could give me some information. I received no help and the person I was speaking to just wasn't grasping what I asked. I mentioned speaker count and 4 times they referred to the external speaker add on set which gives you more of a surround sound. I tried and tried but got a run around. They directed me to the product pages on the discontinued sound bars which you can still purchase and I asked even if they were discontinued wouldn't they have information in their computers about their own products. Every couple of minutes in between not giving me straight answers I was asked if I had any more questions. I said yes and tried to get different information. I even directed the person back to the one page about the HW-M550 and told them to look at the same picture they said was not what the product actually was. Thanks in advance.
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