Difficult Audio Problem

Aug 8, 2018

I bought 4 speakers for my pc because I would love to have a good sound experience when listening to music or watching movies. The thing is, I have quite a few problems which prevent me from actually liking my audio setup. This is how it is setup at the moment:


The problem is that the Tower speakers which are meant to be the front speakers are in the back because they simply do not fit in the front. The moment I start playing music or watch a movie the back speakers are barely playing to their full potential because my pc and reciever thinks they are normal speakers. The moment I change the SB mode to Large, which is something someone recommended me before, it makes it a tiny bit better but not much. But when I switch the SB and SF wires (Back speakers become front and front speakers become back) the sound quality increases by an insane amount. Is there any fix to this? because either my reciever or my PC downgrades my Back Speakers to a small speaker setup. I already tried to change the Digital cable to 2 Analog cables but that didn't change anything.
It's A Panorama shot but the 2 front speakers are in the front of the room and the 2 back speakers in the back.

Edit 2:
My Reciever is a Kenwood KRF-V7090D and It's connected to my computer using a Digital Cable (S/PDIF)
If RealTek control panel allows you to have 4 speakers in stereo mode AND independent Front and Rear gains, that would be the best scenario. Turn down the rear gain until the Fronts are clearly the "stage."

If can't find the above you can also wire a volume controls to the Rears, like THIS.

RealTek also may have some "fake" surround modes, I personally think they sound terrible, up to you to try 'em out.
You should have gotten your the best speakers as front speakers that could fit in the front (sats plus sub would fit). Lots of high quality small speakers to chose from since your layout isn't unusual.
The only way to get any real value out of the towers on music is to set them as large rears and select a multi channel stereo mode on the receiver. Not perfect but the only way to get full range sound and real music coming out of them.
If you use a surround mode they will produce some ambience or on a few recordings minor rear channel effects.
That won't help for movies. Rearrange the room to make space for the towers in the front or sell them and set the system up correctly.
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