Digital Cameras under $500


Jul 2, 2002
I would like to know which the best digital cameras that is under $500.
I am new about digital cameras. I wonder about why people don't use camcorder to do the digital cameras jobs cause the camcorder nowadays has the option still images.


Jul 23, 2001
I got the Sony DSC-S85 Cybershot 4.1Megapixel Camera for under $500 buying it off the web. I have been very happy with the quality of this so far, people have been amazed with the pictures. Taking them on this camera then printing them on photo paper on my Canon S900 amazes people.

As far as why you don't use Camcorders. I also bought the Sony DCR-TRV27 Camcorder off the web and absolutely love the quality of video. But as far as a digital cameras job, NO WAY. My digital camera does 4.1MP compared to 1MP on the Camcorder for half the price. Most new camcorders at a reasonable price only do 1MP. And some do 1.5MP. However as far as Sony goes, you have to spend a good $1K to get a shot at 1.5MP on your camcorder.

By the time you get an awesome camcorder that does decent pictures as well, you could have gotten an excellent camcorder and an awesome camera.

Forgot to mention as well. Sony will give you a $20 coupon on their site if you register your product. So I was able to pick up the Adapter Ring for it for $19.95 after shipping, where it usually lists for $35 on their site. The cheapest you can get it off the web was for around $27 or $28, so that coupon was nice. You could also throw it towards a case, tripod, lense, any of those.

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