digital optical out on TV connected to digital optical in on HTS, but no sound.


Sep 19, 2015
I have a newer Samsung TV. It does have an HDMI ARC (HDMI 2) port, but I don't believe my older JVC Home Theater system's single HDMI port is ARC compatible. However, there is an Digital Optical out on the TV, and Digital Optical In on the HTS, of which I just connected a cable this evening. However, no sound from the TV when selecting the VIDEO source. The HTS has a DVD player and that has sound that works fine. Any suggestions to remedy would be appreciated.


Sep 19, 2015
TV manual says to have output as TV speakers if you have the digital optical cable connected to have both work. I also attempted to switch TV sound to Audio Out only, and still no audio when TV is playing. When in this setting and attempting to increase/decrease TV volume with TV remote, you'll get prompted to utilize HTS volume. BTW, I'm getting only OTA stations. No satellite or cable. This is very frustrating.
Also to note, the digital optical cable does have the red light in the cable indicating its functioning. At least I believe that's what it indicates.


Jan 22, 2017

Ceefuss, I have pretty much the exact same did you solve it?


Sep 10, 2006
Usually you have to assign the optical input to one of the input source on the receiver. I use "TV" on my receiver and assigned the optical to that.
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