Question Digital Output to RCA

Jul 2, 2019
I have a new Blu-Ray DVD player on which I will play both movies and music (CDs). Movies go directly to the TV by HDMI. Audio (in the past) has gone to the amplifier, and from there to external speakers. The receiver (old) has only RCA inputs. The new DVD has only HDMI outputs, and a Digital (Dolby) Out.

I will need to bridge from HDMI to RCA, but the good adapters require USB for power. The DVD has one, but it is on the front, which is clunky.

The other option is to bridge from the Digital Out (one RCA-type plug) to RCA (two plugs). Sony tech support said I need a mini-plug to RCA adapter, but I don't think that is right. I have been out of the loop on cables for decades, and don't even know what that Digital Out is. It looks like an RCA plug, and is orange on the inside.

I can use the TV soundbar, but that is not as good as my speakers, or I can add another CD player to the setup.

Can someone guide me on either getting from HDMI-RCA, or Digital Out-RCA?

You can connect an optical to analog converter to the digital output of the BD player. Connect that to one of the inputs of the receiver. This will allow you to play CDs without turning on the TV. Set the player optical output to pcm stereo.
If you have a digital output on the TV you could use the converter there. That will get you sound from the all sources connected to or built into the TV to the receiver but for CDs you would have to go through the TV. Maybe two converters would work for you.
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