Direct Tv Keeps cutting out.


Dec 31, 2016
We have Direct tv and recently it started messing up like a storm was coming. We thought it was the box and Direct Tv sent us a new box. We also have a box and tv in the bedroom and it does not mess up. It expecially cuts out on our local channels. How can we fix this without paying them to come out?
Well if only TV#1 has problem and TV#2 is fine then the problem is not with the service provider.

This was doing fine and all of a sudden, BAM, ka-poof, just like that? are you sure nothing is been changed? are you doing any renovation? a big critter bit into the cable?

Temporarily swap the TVs, then u know.


Dec 31, 2016

We had a storm and had some heavy wind and then a fire in the pasture next to us. No damage to us! We got a new receiver, and a new sound system. Responder 4 only shows 34 and all others show high numbers. We have cut all the trees away from our house so no interference. The cable from the dish to the house looks fine but he has not checked beyond that. We are starting to think maybe the tv is going bad.
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