Solved! Directional audio in games quiet when in front and behind, but loud from left and right

Nov 25, 2018
Just built a new pc and transferred the headset (HyperX Cloud) over from the old pc to the new pc. When playing games (for example Black Ops 4), whenever something happens in front or behind me the sound is quiet to the point where it sometimes disappears, but when something happens to the right or to the left of me the audio is regular volume.

If there is fighting to my right for example, i can hear it perfectly, and when I turn to face it I can't hear it at all.

Any help is much appreciated


it could be, you have your speakers setup as 5.1+ (where you need digital out or the 3 x analog jacks for L+R, Center+sub and surround L + surround R) and you are only using the L+R jack (which is the default for 2-channel L+R coincidentally) and the reason why you only hear L+R only.

Change it to Stereo L+R in your speaker config, and you want to use virtual surround from either the game itself, or from your sound card if it has the virtual surround option (pic on the 2nd page here, just scroll down one page) just don't enable both - use either the in-game surround OR the sound card surround.
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