Displayport to HDMI adapter worked, now all of a sudden it stopped working


Nov 10, 2014
Last year, I got a Displayport to HDMI adapter for my 5 year old Dell Latitude laptop. I plugged it in and plugged an HDMI cord from the TV to the adapter and it worked with no problem. 1 year later, I do the same thing with a larger yet older TV but the adapter has to find a sweet spot in order to work. A week later, the sweet spot is gone and my TV reads, "No Signal." I assume it was a faulty adapter so I bought a new one. It was $5 so I figured if it dies again in another year, I'll just replace it again. I received the new adapter today and plugged it in, worked fine although I did notice it was hotter than the last adapter. I take the adapter out for about an hour, plug it back in, no signal. I plug it back in, and it works. This is where it got frustrating.

I didn't do any fancy for it to start working again. I unplug it later, try it again, and again no signal. I've fiddled around with it for a few hours now trying different combos of starting my computer with the adapter in/without. Turning on the TV and then the laptop, etc.

As I've said before, the adapter does get hot. Could It have damaged my laptop with the heat? I tried another HDMI cable too. Both cables work perfectly with XBOX and Roku. I tried the projection settings set to duplicate, extend, and project only. All of them don't work. My Samsung TV just reads, "No input."

I know my cables are in the right places/input set to HDMI. When I have everything plugged in, I go into my Intel graphic properties and my laptop recognizes the Samsung TV. My last resort is to try the adapter with another TV. I don't have one at the moment so I can't try that. Any answers will help! I just want to get to the bottom of this and get this fixed.