Do you hook up to the DVR (cable box) or to the actual TV, the red/white audio cables??? I dont have a bluetooth capable TV- b


Oct 20, 2017
I bought a soundbar and want yo hook it up via red/white cables. DO I hook in to the back of the TV or in to the DVR/Cable box?
Right now, I have an older receiver hooked up for stereo sound, since the flat screens have horrible sound. My TV is a basic JVC, nothing fancy- no bluetooth, not a smart tv. I just want to have the sound go to the soundbar now, not the stereo, because the stereo doesn't work if I rent a Blueray movie, or use HULU, and I need better sound for every day TV as well. My stereo receiver is old and goes into "protection mode" if it even gets dusty- lol.
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