Question Do you recommend AKG k240 mkII or something else?

Dec 18, 2019

Is the Akg k240 mkII good for gaming and "regular" music listening? Today I have a pair of Hyperx Cloud Alpha and would these be a good upgrade as I want a open/semi-open back headphones. If the AKG have worse sound quality I of course would never buy those.

Or do you have other headphone recommendations for my use (I have a mic solution). My budget is around 160 $ for the whole "audio-package". I use the onboard audio from my PC and I think it would be good to invest in a dac/amp too. Therefor I want the Akg's becuase I can get them for ~70 $ and a decent dac/amp for ~90$. I also lookes at the Sennheiser hd 559 but I'm just a really confused beginner in the "headphone/audiophile world".
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