Question does anyone know about these pcs


Aug 20, 2016
i have a new alldocube15 gtbook15 pc it has a 256 ssd drive and appears to have 12gb of ram. it is running win11. and i'm looking at getting this pc Coolby Laptop 15.6" Windows 11 12gb DDR4 256gb NVMe Ssd 1920x1080 Intel N5095 Qu . can anyone tell me if it is good to run these pcs doing banking and such? i'm used to running the probooks with win10 and being i have this new alldocube pc i do not need it having any strings back to scammers kind of like they say apps can do on your phone.

also i have to run 20" monitors with dvi and vga ports, they do not have the hdmi ports. so the alldocube has a mini hdmi port and the coolby looks to have a standard hdmi port so i figure for the coolby i can get an adapter to run the monitor but i read that the mini hdmi may not run a monitor very well thru a vga adapter, so can anyone help me figure this out?

i have been looking at the hp 14" and 15" laptops with the ryzen 3 cpu's that will run win11 but they cost lots more than the coolby with less on them. thanks for any help on this.