Does buying expencive earphones make sense for playing CS:GO?


Nov 26, 2015
I started playing CSGO more competitive and it raises the qutestion: Is investing more money into a new Headset/ new earphones worth it and which headsets will give me the biggest advantage/are good?

My courrent one is the Razer BlackShark Over Ear Noise Isolating Gaming Headset (which works fine but the ear cussions start falling apart and you can't change them, if they didn't I wouln't buy a new one)
They work great, I can hear footsteps/shots alright but the thing is that I don't have a lot to compare them to.

The only earphones I tried more are some from BOSE but I don't know which model exactly, they are a bit older and not mine. I made a friend walk around me ingame and the thing I noticed right away was them almost having no bass, which is supposed to be really good for playing CSGO. I will have to test them more to really get an opinion on them.

Also I played with the Logitech G430 but it was only for a few rounds, I couldn't exactly focus on the sound since it was really lound alltogether and we only played for fun. They were by far less comfortable compared to the two headsets I mentioned before, also I probably won't buy another fancy gaming headset.

I've been looking at some headphones/headsets and the ones that are the most interesting to me are the Superlux HD-681 Evo earphones. They are, compared to some of the gaming headsets, really cheap and get great reviews. Also, lots of other people recommend them because they do what they are supposed to and are, well, really inexpencive.

Also the Audio-Technicia headphones seem to be alright, but a bit more expencive, which isn't really a problem. I want to get the most out of my money, so if they are (way) better I am ok with spending more money on them.

Also, if you have better products, feel free to share them too, I just started looking into the matter.

(as you may have noticed, English isn't my natural language but I do my best ;))
depends on what your expecations out of headphones are.

hifi headphones are generally going to offer higher quality sound though not all offer huge soundstages.

if you want "advantage" in fps games then the audiotechnica ad500x (or ad700x, ad900x) have a very huge soundstage and good positional accuracy combined with good treble and very little bass output. this is ideal for hearing footsteps in such games for advantage. perhaps not the most "fun" sounding headphones however are the most "advantageous" for gaming at least.
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